Biotherm offers skin care for both body and face. They’ve products for cleaning and caring for dry, oily, sensitive, aged skin or skin with acne. The formula is light and the products are easy to use. All products are designed to utilize the skin’s own natural process to heal and rebuild your skin and enhance your skins own defense.

At NiceBeauty you’ll find a selection of Biotherms products to suit all your needs

  • Anti-aging – Homme Skin Vivo, Rides Repair
  • Dry and sensitive skin – Aqua Source, Biosource
  • Normal, oily and combination skin – Aqua Source,
  • Makeup Removal – Biocils
  • Body Spray – Eau Pure
  • Against fatigue – Sking Ergetic
  • Body Lotion – Baume Corps
  • Firming anti-aging – Age Fitness
  • Against ruptures – Biovergetures
  • Aftershave and Aftershave – Homme
  • Sunscreen – Homme Oligo Thermal
  • For men – Homme

According to a survey on consumers’ top 10 favorite products, Aquasource Deep Hydration Gel – normal and mixed skin came in first place. The list also included Aquasource Nuit Hydrating Jelly Night and Skin Vivo Anti-aging Care Night – all of which you can find here at NiceBeauty at a bargain price.


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